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These awards are made following nomination from the membership and consideration by the BPRS Executive. They are made to colleagues who have made a particularly valuable and sustained contribution to our speciality over their career. The award is made at the annual BPRS Dinner in December with presentation of an inscribed medal.



Dr Chris O’Brien

Dr Dr Caroline Beardsmore




Dr Neil Gibson

Dr Ian Balfour Lynn

Dr Colin Wallis

Dr Huw Thomas

Dr Mike Shields

Dr Rob Ross Russell

Professor Mark Everard

Dr Mark Rosenthal

Professor John Henderson

Dr Jimmy Paton

Dr Jane Clarke

Professor Warren Lenny

Dr David Spencer

Dr Jonathan Couriel

Dr Rob Primhak

Dr Anne Thomson

Dr David Heaf

Prof Janet Stocks

Dr Nicola Wilson

Dr Peter Weller

Prof John Price

Dr Sheila McKenzie

Prof Mike Silverman

Dr Bob Dinwiddie

Dr George Russell

Prof Hamish Simpson

Prof Tony Milner