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About the BPRS


Welcome to the British Paediatric Respiratory Society (BPRS), the hub for professionals dedicated to enhancing paediatric respiratory health. As President, I am proud to lead an organisation committed to excellence in clinical care, ground-breaking research, and comprehensive education. Our society fosters collaboration, sharing knowledge and solutions for respiratory conditions affecting children, while also supporting and developing future specialists in this vital field. Our website is a dynamic resource offering the latest in paediatric respiratory medicine, educational materials, and networking opportunities. I invite you to explore, engage, and join us in our mission to promote optimal respiratory health in children. Your participation and support are crucial as we work together to make a lasting impact in the lives of young patients.


— Julian Legg, BPRS President

About BPRS

The British paediatric respiratory society, BPRS, is a multidisciplinary organisation which exists to promote the respiratory health of all children and to improve the health of children with respiratory disease.

Membership of the Society is open to health care professionals who are active in the field of paediatric respiratory medicine.

The objectives of the society, set out in its constitution, are:

  1. To advocate excellence in provision of, and equity of access to clinical services for children with respiratory disease.
  2. To set and maintain standards of care in paediatric respiratory medicine.
  3. To promote education and training in paediatric respiratory medicine.
  4. To foster co-operation and friendship between all those involved in the care of children with respiratory disease.
  5. To promote research into paediatric respiratory disease.