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For Trainees

Welcome to the Grid in PRM. You have 2-3 years to complete your training, and be ready to take your place as a consultant ready for tertiary practice in the specialty. This document gives you some guidance as to what is expected and how it will be monitored.

Curriculum and log book
There is a curriculum in PRM which is split into knowledge, clinical skills, and the evidence required to demonstrate these. Each module in the curriculum has a logbook, in which you can keep a record of your accumulated evidence. It would be sensible to keep this up to date as you go, rather than frantically trying to put it together a week before the annual review!
The curriculum and logbook modules are available for download here:



Supervision and review
You should have an identified supervisor for each part of your training. This may be the same person, or vary from year to year, depending on site. You should meet with your supervisor at formally every 2-3 mpnths as a minimum, to review progress. It is your responsibility to ensure that this happens. Each year you will meet with two members of the CSAC to review your progress. The module logbooks have a page where the supervisor(s) have to grade your current competence in each area, rating you as 1 (ready for independent consultant practice), 2 (almost ready) or 3 (not yet ready). This is a formative assessment, to ensure that you jointly identify training needs for the next year, but we would expect you to be signed off as a 1 in every module before the CSAC can sign off your training for CCT. The reviews will generally take place at one of two national meetings- the BPRS Summer meeting in June/July, or the BTS winter meeting in December. London trainees have an annual review with the programme director and respiratory training co-ordinator, and a CSAC representative will be present at this to conduct annual reviews. It is essential that the trainee brings their signed off module competencies to the CSAC review.

You are training to be a tertiary specialist in PRM, and will be expected to be active in fostering research during your consultant career. You are therefore expected to gain research experience during your training. This may already have happened prior to grid entry, but if you do not currently have any research experience you should consider how you will achieve this aspect of training. A period out of programme for research (OOPR) is possible during Grid training but you must convince your supervisors, including the Regional Advisor and Regional Academic Advisor that it is a suitable project, with defined training objectives for you, and with a likelihood of a higher degree resulting from it.

Completion of training
You will need to get a form from the College 3-6 months prior to completion of training. This needs to be signed by your Regional Adviser, but also by the CSAC. It should be sent to the CSAC chair in the first instance, who will forward it to one of the Specialty Training Advisors with all relevant information about your training.

Please feel free to contact the CSAC chair if you have any concerns or queries. Currently this is Dr Jon Couriel, Consultant in Paediatric Respiratory Medicine, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Eaton Rd, Liverpool L12 2AP.